Based out of Upstate New York, our analytics team works diligently to kick-start, fix, and manage your business, no matter what line of work you belong to. Lotus Analytics is the foundation of an entire conglomerate of businesses known as the Lotus Group of Companies. The Lotus brand was born in 2009 and started in the home office of our CEO, Ash Anand. As the business continued to grow and demand steadily increased, Lotus extended their reach; we hired new employees and moved from a home office into a beautiful historical building full of character and inspiration right in the heart of Warrensburg.

Our sister companies are so diverse (a daycare center, dog grooming shop, fine dining restaurant, and auto garage just to name a few) and because of that our team has seen first-hand how the services we offer can build a better company no matter what industry it is a part of. We are determined to reach out to as many businesses as possible and help them utilize our accessible tools and expert team to make their business thrive. The most incredible part of it all? Our services are customizable, twistable, moveable, re-workable-whatever you want to call it; we will make our tools work for your business model while we create your own recipe for success. It is a pleasure doing business for you.