Lotus Gives



At the Lotus Group, we believe that giving back to others is an essential part of who we are as a company. Supporting not only the community we live in, but those in need across the globe make us feel that what we are doing matters on several different levels. If you know a good cause that could use further support or are interested in speaking to us about a donation or sponsorship, please email us today. Below are a list of causes we are proud to currently stand behind, many of which have always stood behind us.

Our educational charity, Lotus Loves Literacy, was founded in 2015 to help support local establishments who are dedicated to a love of learning. All of our events revolve around the idea of helping people fall in love with the arts and especially with the written word. We have hosted two successful poetry slams, a short story contest, and a spelling bee which all benefited local foundations, institutions, and school districts. If you have an idea that you think would fit well with LLL, please feel free to contact us!


The March of Dimes

WCS Theatre Productions

American Express

Warrensburg Varisty Club

Warrensburg Girls AAU Basketball

Warrensburg EMS

Warrensburg Tri County Softball

Warrensburg Scholarship Assc.

Warrensburg Fire Department

Warrensburg Historical Society

Special Olympics New York

Senate Republican Campaign Committee

Richards Library

The World Awareness Children's Museum

Poverty in the North Country Conference

Children's International