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Lotus Analytics is a business consulting firm offering Professional Services for all industries. Based out of Upstate New York, our analytics team works diligently to kick-start, fix, and manage your business, no matter what line of work you belong to. Lotus Analytics is the foundation of an entire conglomerate of businesses known as the Lotus Group of Companies. The Lotus brand was born in 2009 and started in the home office of our CEO, Ash Anand. As the business continued to grow and demand steadily increased, Lotus extended their reach; we hired new employees and moved from a home office into a beautiful historical building full of character and inspiration right in the heart of Warrensburg.
Our sister companies are so diverse (a daycare center, dog grooming shop, fine dining restaurant, and auto garage just to name a few) and because of that our team has seen first-hand how the services we offer can build a better company no matter what industry it is a part of. We are determined to reach out to as many businesses as possible and help them utilize our accessible tools and expert team to make their business thrive. The most incredible part of it all? Our services are customizable, twistable, moveable, re-workable-whatever you want to call it; we will make our tools work for your business model while we create your own recipe for success. It is a pleasure doing business for you.

Enter new markets
Increase footprint in existing markets
Improve operational performance through exceptional delivery
Deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently

Through strategic planning, process improvement, and a focused approach, Lotus Analytics can help your business grow to that next level.

 Extensive industry experience
 Broad, flexible service offerings
 Expertise in business transformation
 Business development
 Commitment to the long-term development of our employees

Our Core Values shape our culture and define the character of our company, guiding how we behave and make decisions:

Best People: Attracting and developing the best talent for our business, stretching our people and developing a “can do” attitude.
Client Value Creation: Improving our clients’ business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence.
One Global Network: Mobilizing the power of the team to deliver consistent, exceptional service to our clients anywhere in the world.
Respect for the Individual: Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment, and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Integrity: Inspiring trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging honest and open debate.


No matter where your team works, Voice over Internet Phone service is the perfect option for keeping your company connected. Because the system is internet-based, you can have lines at multiple locations. On the road or working from home? VoIP makes it easy to forward calls to your mobile phone.


HR & Payroll

One of our specialties is being an “off-site” employee. Smart-sourcing your staff saves your money and guarantees that you have found the right fit; let Lotus be your HR Specialist and Bookkeeper with our HR/Payroll Suite. Our key functions include a fully automated applicant tracking system, the creation of a personalized career page (with a collection of applicants from several job search sites), background checks, drug testing, new-hire personality and skill assessments, and on-boarding paperwork. These solutions are provided to clients and employees so they can quickly access any information they need without excessive involvement of their HR and Payroll personnel. No more sifting through candidates, tracking people down for paperwork, worrying about finding the right fit, or searching for qualified applicants-we will help you build and secure the best team possible. *SET UP AND CONVERSION: We will provide set up and conversion of your existing system(s) for the current calendar year free of charge. There are no charges to set up new states or fees for processing Form W-2 and Form 1099.*

Lotus Analytics’ service combines a full-featured web-based Human Resource and Payroll system with a personalized customer service experience.  Standard service includes:

  • Unlimited payroll processing on your schedule, including bonus runs and out-of-cycle payrolls
  • Guaranteed accurate tax deposits and returns for all federal, state and local taxes
  • Desktop check printing on your own check stock
  • Direct deposit to an unlimited number of accounts for any or all employees
  • Form W-2 and Form 1099 processing
  • State new hire reporting
  • Ask the Pro live HR professional consultation and access to our extensive HR knowledgebase
  • Employee self-service for employees to view their current and past pay information,  paid time off balances and W-2 information
  • Over 65 standard payroll, HR and accounting reports
  • Express Reports, a custom report writer
  • General Ledger interface with client assigned GL account numbers
  • Preview employees’ net pay and generate all payroll reports before finalizing payroll
  • Powerful Geocoder to automatically determine state and local tax requirements, including reciprocity rules
  • Performance review, company property and employee training tracking
  • Employee events management system to track custom event categories
  • Secure, on line storage and archival of employee and company related documents
  • Full audit history of employee changes
  • Paid time off tracking including accrued, taken and carried over hours
  • Free form employee note tracking

Setup and Conversion

We will provide setup and conversion of your existing system for the current calendar year free of charge.  There are also no charges to set up new states or fees for Form W-2 and Form 1099 processing.

Ancillary Services

Payroll Debit Card

Instant issue pre-paid MasterCard payroll debit card.

Time & Attendance

Integrated web based time and attendance system with multiple supervisory levels and the ability to schedule and request time off.  Time collection devices are available for purchase.

Paycheck Printing and Distribution

Signed and sealed payroll check printing and distribution.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Web interface to exchange employee and payroll data with your external application.

Flexible Benefit Plans

  • Cafeteria Plans
  • Premium only Plans (POP)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)
  • Medical Reimbursement Plans (MRP)
  • Transit Reimbursement Accounts (TRA)
  • Criminal history (county, statewide and federal)
  • Sex offender registry search (national and state)
  • Credit report
  • Drug Screening (pre-employment and random)
  • Driving history
  • Workers’ compensation history
  • Anti-terrorism registry search
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility (Instant E-verify)

 Employee Screening Services

  • Criminal history (county, statewide and federal)
  • Sex offender registry search (national and state)
  • Credit report
  • Drug Screening (pre-employment and random)
  • Driving history
  • Workers’ compensation history
  • Anti-terrorism registry search
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility (Instant E-verify)

Retirement Planning

401(k) and retirement plan setup and administration

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Zero down payment, pay as you go workers compensation insurance

Custom Benefit Plans

Group medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance plans

COBRA Administration

Unemployment Claim Management

Business Tax Incentive Capturing and Processing


Cloud-Based Document Management/Digital Storage

How often do you find yourself wishing things were more organized? How many times do you lose or misplace a document only to realize it right when you need it most? Lotus has the resources to make sure this problem doesn’t happen again with the creation of a paperless network for your business. These files will be accessible from any computer and mobile device, making sure you can have them whenever and wherever. Whether it’s a customer signed contract, an invoice you forwarded, or a personnel file for one of your employees-Lotus’ Digital Storage makes it all available at the click of a button.
•We have the ability to store any and all paperwork, eliminating files from “floating around the store” and making it prone to identity theft
•Our staff will perform daily store opening/closing checklists that can be scanned to our system which we audit each day to ensure compliance of policies
•Our team will set up categories & mechanisms for digital uploads
•We will provide automated data backup

Here are a few benefits of implementing the Digital Deck.

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Deck

1. Compliance

Failure to comply with laws and regulations could result in severe fines, penalties or other legal consequences that are easily avoided with document tracking. Organizations are under more pressure than ever to manage documents for compliance and risk-reduction purposes.

2. Security

Many companies still store critical documents in filing cabinets, boxes, warehouses and even storage units—not a very secure way of storing information. Virtual storage of paper documents gives you the ability to customize security settings, which cannot be done with physical documents. It also ensures that recovering lost data happens quickly and efficiently.

3. Improve Efficiency

Digital Deck increases productivity by speeding up document retrieval and finding “lost” information, streamlining the process of managing and keeping track of important documents and contracts. Indexing documents for future reference allows users to find the documents they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

4. Reduce Costs

Keeping hard copies of records costs you money, time, staff, equipment, and space. Filing cabinets take up too much floor space, which can be costly. Also, retrieving and processing paper-based documents is time intensive, and in a work day time is money. You save money by reducing the need for paper supplies, paper delivery and storage.

5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Minimize paper usage and take a step towards reducing waste and becoming a sustainable company. Companies are now trying to become more socially responsible and realize that going green means more green for the company.

6. Improve Accessibility

Enables employees to view, share, modify, and store documents quickly and easily from anywhere. It speeds up the process and only takes a fraction of the time it would take with a paper document.

7. Disaster Recovery

Every organization must protect its vital records from all kinds of disasters that may occur, meaning floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, or theft can strike at any time. Implementing a document management system ensures that you will not be affected.

8. User Security & Data Privacy

Between the setup of stores, regions, districts and markets, it is essential for appropriate access to individual groups of users for related data access, and Digital Deck understands this concept extremely well, giving the assigned users access to relevant data only.

9. Purpose Redefined

Every organization has different needs and we understand that. Digital Deck has been designed in such a way use is not limited to retail establishments only.  Digital Deck can be implemented and customized to any business.  Flexibility and customization is very robust, allowing for both document and user level access rights.

10. Peace of Mind

We have brought focus to several benefits of Digital Deck…here are a few more highlights: 1) Ability to view Screenshots 2) Full Text Search 3) Document Creation Templates 4) PDF Conversion & OCR Capabilities 5) Document Workflow Process 6) Auditing Capabilities 7) Safe data backup.


IT Managed Services

Lotus provides full, dedicated desktop, server, and storage management services. Whether you are a small business, or a medium to large enterprise, we can fully manage and administer your systems.

Desktop Management

Our proactive and efficient desktop management services offer a reliable and cost-effective solution that help our customers in a number of ways. We provide all hardware and software services that our clients need to operate effectively within a reliable and secure environment.

Our desktop management services include:

Asset Discovery & Management
Desktop Deployment & Support (PCs, Laptops, Printers and Peripherals)
Desktop Configuration
Software Distribution & Installation
Standard Imaging
Application & Operating System Management
Hardware/Software Rollout
Security and Patch Management
Anti Virus and Anti Malware Protection
Data Backup & Restore
Data Migration
Platform Migration Services (i.e. Windows XP to Windows 7)
Windows Active Directory Design & Implementation
Remote Desktop Access
Technology Refresh
IT Helpdesk
Third Party or Vendor Management

IT Managed Services

Lotus believes that your business deserves fast, reliable, and professional support, hence our goal is to provide it to you in a simple and affordable package. Based on our IT support solutions, we have developed flexible packages which include:

Unlimited phone and onsite computer/server/network support
24/7/365 proactive monitoring of your systems
Single point of contact
Disaster recovery preparation – Monitoring and restoring your critical data


iVerify – Fraud Protection

iVerify is a custom security system that verifies that a person is who they claim to be by matching data points that are unique to the person being verified. Predetermined fields are presented for the collection of data based on industry specific need.  Put simply, you enter the information, and iVerify verifies it.  Based on the entry of select criteria, a series of questions will be presented to the customers that are unique to them.  Based on the correct responses to these questions, the customer will either receive a pass or fail score that indicates if they are in fact who they say they are.

iVerify helps your business to become more productive while preventing fraud, reducing loss and delivering uncompromised results.  iVerify provides robust tools to help you manage your individual business transactions.  Its administrative tools allow you to create iVerify internal users, monitor approvals/declines, and report on a variety of transactions.


Consultative & Interactive Services

By looking at our business model and our diversified conglomerate of businesses, it is easy to see that we are pros at what we do. Lotus is made up of an analytics company, a daycare center, a fine dining restaurant, an auto repair garage, a grooming salon, a nutraceuticals line, an auto and truck supply store, and a taxi company; we are used to handling business for ALL types of industries.
Lotus’ experienced team possesses the knowledge needed to quickly create an assessment for your company. We will identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive review of your operations and gather information about many different areas of your company. When the assessment is complete, we will pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement and together formulate a strategic plan. This assessment allows you to see the bigger picture and put your priorities into perspective. Soon after the assessment, you will quickly recognize where you could improve and we will then execute a plan to better your business.

OUR ASSESSMENT EXAMINES: Critical business and operational processes, company policies, company structure, past performance analysis, financial performance standings based on industry averages, key metrics, and sales performance.

OUR ASSESSMENT INCLUDES: Interviews, employee surveys, observations, a final report and presentation.

BENCHMARKING SERVICES: People assume that strategic planning is something that only big businesses do, but in reality this process applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We match the strengths of your business to the opportunities available that you haven’t taped into. We will help business owners understand his or her business from a perspective they have never seen before, recognize the businesses strengths and weaknesses, identify its opportunities and threats, and then formulate a mission and goals.


Point of Sale systems can be complicated; with cash drawers, terminals, printers, scanners, credit card machines, functionality, and software-POS maintenance is going to be overwhelming. Let us be your out-of-house IT guys and tell you all there is to know.
Do you need help getting your inventory set up? Is your pricing setup meeting your standards? Do you need assistance with any components of your POS system? Lotus has the answers to all your questions. No matter who set up your system or what you currently have running, we can inspect it, repair it, and get your business back on track. Don’t feel out of control when you don’t have to, we have everything covered.


Inventory Management

Timely and intensive inventory reports are essential in running a successful business. Optimizing revenue and growth depends on an accurate reading of what you have (or do not have) and where it’s located. Once this is understood, you can begin using your resources fully and to their highest potential.
Inventory management can be a costly distraction for staff; your employees should be focused on driving in new business, not keeping track of what is in stock. Lotus can provide “instant snapshots” and on-demand inventory assessments so your team can get back to their main task: selling and service.
There need to be specific protocols put in place for supply-chain management within any business. With the only constant being change, Lotus has systems in place that solve the most critical internal and external inventory management issues. Our suggestions are based on thorough market research and industry standards and trends. Why not prevent a mess that could mean the demise of your business? Our inventory management is proactive so you don’t have to be reactive when it could be too late.



If your business is part of a franchise, you are used to complying with brand and corporate requirements. If you own a small business, taking the time to stop by the store and ensure things are running smoothly can become a tedious task. Either way, checking in with department heads can be daunting and sometimes counterproductive, so why not use a service that does all the work for you? Our Compliance Auditing (ReelTime) is designed to be completely customizable to each person who uses it. Management will no longer be able to make changes that impact your brand without your consent. Store owners can rest easy knowing that their businesses are always up to par with their expectations, even when they aren’t around. ReelTime is quick, easy, valuable, and in today’s world-necessary.
Our experience has enabled us to develop a simple yet powerful platform and process. Our online tools ensure that staff have easily accessible knowledge and feedback so they can understand what is going on inside their business. ReelTime works toward sustainable business improvement and growth through careful video monitoring that focuses on meeting the individual owners’ criteria. Our team provides support before, during, and after an audit. After using ReelTime, it’s like we ARE part of your team.
The behind the scenes of the program goes like this:
1. We will send you a base check list with basic standards most owners want their businesses to meet.
2. You can add, subtract, or keep the list the same, all of the criteria are up to you.
3. You send us the list and we input it into our system with all of your business information.
4. Your employee, preferably a manager, sends us a video making sure to address every item on your checklist (these can be sent as often or as seldom as you’d like).
5. The video is uploaded into a private, secured channel where it will be reviewed by one of our auditors.
6. Auditors carefully grade the video, based on your customized criteria, and send the results back to the store manager and owner.
7. Managers and owners decide what score determines a “Pass” or “Fail” and we keep the records in our data base to track progress


Accounting & Finance Management

Today’s working world is not like that of the past; the competitive global market (and the ability to access almost everything online) has caused an increased demand for accuracy and on-time financials. Now more than ever, accounting and finance functions are of the utmost importance when running your business smoothly. Management of these two key components ensures it will operate effectively with requisite compliance and controls, balance expenses vs. growth, all while reducing the cash cycle and maximizing ROI. If you think about it, what’s the whole reason you’re in business to begin with? Money! Making sure your profits are where they need to be and that you don’t miss a thing is what keeps the heart of your business beating!
Lotus’ cash flow and profitability rationalization, resource optimization, and an innovative delivery model allow our Accounting and Finance Management Service to drive results and achieve financial transformation. More and more companies are smart-sourcing their A&F to outside companies, and that’s proven to decrease error and save immense amounts of time. Consider us your “Chief Financial Organization.” Our team will strive to provide transformational value to our clients through process excellence, automation, re-engineering and internal/external benchmarking against various financial models.